Letters Lived

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Featuring chapters by Coco Guzman, Shea Howell, Juliet Jacques, Selma James, Elisha Lim, Rozena Maart, Lee Maracle, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Nina Power, Cristy C. Road, Victoria B. Robinson, Rae Spoon, Kit Wilson-Yang and a foreword by Grace Lee Boggs. 

Letters Lived: Radical reflections, revolutionary paths features letters written by a diverse group of international and cross-generational social justice activists to their teen selves. In these letters, they reflect on the incredible journeys they have taken since their teens—and what they wish they could have known back then.

How do we learn to trust and love ourselves, as well as navigate our bodies, families, identities and communities? These candid, powerful and relatable letters engage the personal and the political as we grow: whether combating social injustice, reconciling racial and cultural backgrounds, sexualities and genders, or building strong communities.

Published by Three O'Clock Press, 2013.